Who is MedEdEurope?

Well, my website http://www.mededeurope.com will tell you that MedEdEurope is my brainchild and I am Karen Bridgwater.  I don’t want to sound too arrogant but about 4 years ago I realised that I was perhaps the ONLY person in the UK and France with my skills and experience, after all, how many people do you know who are fluent in French and English; have worked at the highest level of dentistry in the UK as well as France;  have also worked in high end medical/dental equipment sales and training and has an excellent knowledge of both the UK and French health systems?

Cool huh?

Then I looked around me and I saw many, many people with wonderful unique skill sets.  The really cool people were using their unique skill sets to do things they loved doing, so what do I love doing?  I love teaching,  I love passing on information that will make a difference to how you perceive something or someone,  I love that moment when you see your “student” get what you’re saying.

I’m in the business of improving peoples’  lives through education.

What are your unique skill sets?  Are you doing what you love doing?

with love


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