Discipline and good habits

Everyday I floss my teeth.  Well, ok,  maybe 29 days out of 30 I floss my teeth.  I know that if I do this, I improve immeasurably the chances of keeping my teeth looking good and being healthy for the rest of my life.  I’ve worked in a dental surgery; I’ve seen what happens if you don’t floss.  It’s discipline and it’s knowledge that gets me to do it even when I don’t want to.

It’s discipline that keeps me reading when I’d rather watch TV, it’s discipline that makes me put on my running shoes.  It’s discipline that makes me turn on my pc and move one step further towards my goal. Even the if the forward movement is tiny, it’s still forward.  If you don’t have the discipline to keep doing the right thing day in and day out, then the results will speak for themselves.  One of the saddest stories I have is of a very pretty woman aged about 62.   She had looked after her figure, she’d had a bit of cosmetic surgery done and she looked great.  She’d just married a younger man and she didn’t want to put her dentures in a glass at the side of the bed at night.  Unfortunately, she’d never flossed, she’d smoked, she’d lost her teeth and there were no alternatives for her.  She looked at me and asked me how come I had such lovely teeth.   I smiled and I didn’t say:  I’ve flossed my teeth almost every day for the last 25 years.  It’s the little things that you do every day that pay off.  Discipline pays off.

with love


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