How to: Choose a dental course

Part One

First: Start with your head!
Figure out which area of work needs improving -Some people may need to start with their attitude to their work. If you’re finding it a struggle to be happy with what you are doing then this could be where your continuing education needs to start. There are some great business coaches out there who can really help you turn things round. If you’re in the UK read Chris Barrow’s blog or subscribe to Sheila Scott’s newsletter and you’ll feel more empowered straight away.

Once you’ve got your head sorted out, then think about skills. Maybe do an audit? What is your RCT success rate over the last 5 years?? OR… here’s a thought, instead of signing up for yet another rct course hoping you might learn something so that you can actually start enjoying them, why not make progress with something that you ENJOY doing? If you’re really pleased with yourself for the occlusion work you’ve just done, you might not mind those rcts quite so much! Talking of occlusion: Andy Lane’s courses are the business , look at the photos – EVERYONE’S smiling!

Online courses or real-live people?

Keep smiling!

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