Disinfecting your toothbrush?

Well, I will definitely be disinfecting mine after reading an article in Dentinal Tubules.  Of course, I had thought about doing it but just thought that leaving it looking free of debris and in the open air would ensure it was probably ok.


According to Dr Tejas Kothari,  the brushhead has ideal conditions for nurturing all kinds of horrible bugs – existing bacteria from your mouth/food, wet and usually in a warm room.  Should I mention that most people have their toothbrushes next to the toilet (when you flush the toilet there is a spray of water and bugs all around the bathroom).  And then you put it in your mouth…

It’s  really important if you have a compromised immune system to disinfect your toothbrush or if you’ve just had a mouth/throat infection.

We’re all fit and healthy but I’ll still  be putting mine and the kids’ toothbrushes into a pot of Listerine, which will kill the bugs.  If you’re a dental professional, join Dentinal Tubules (it’s free) and get access to the full article with references and loads of other great articles too.


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