My Story:

my beautiful daughter We all have a story about why we’re doing what we’re doing.  That story keeps us going when things go wrong; gets us to write another email, pick up the phone, write a blog post(!).  Our stories are our touchstones.  Most of us keep the stories private because they’re precious to us.  Here’s my precious story.

I moved to France when I was pregnant with my 3rd baby.  She was born prematurely and had to go to intensive care where it was touch and go for a few days.  My schoolgirl french was no use when trying to communicate with the doctors and nurses;  this made a horrifying experience even worse. My daughter is now a beautiful, healthy 8 year old  but to this day, I am afraid of having to go to see a doctor that I can’t understand even though my french is now fluent.

And it works the other way too, doctors/dentists find it stressful trying to treat patients who don’t speak their language. I know, I worked in a dental surgery in France.

Living in France, I saw that there were fewer post-grad courses available for dentists to choose from than in the UK/USA.  Why? Because they’re not available in French.  Even going abroad to learn from a well-known specialist can be difficult.  Larger conferences may have simultaneous translation,  but how do you ask a question when you’re not confident of your english for example?  Never mind that you might not understand the reply properly.

Now for the funny part!

I went to see a radiologist for a mammogram,  he was chatting to me, asking about my work and he asked if I would be interested in bringing English-speaking radiology lecturers to France.  I said I would if he’d help me because I don’t know anything about radiology. He went on to tell me that these days if he wants to take a course in radiology he has to go to the USA and he always worries that he might have misunderstood something.  His English is good and he still worries.

Anyway, I stood up to go, put on my clothing and left his office,  swearing that I would never have another topless business meeting again!

This story tells why I decided to start my business.  I wanted to overcome that language barrier to learning, to understanding.  I want to bring the best the world has to offer to Europe and I’ll get it delivered in your language, in your country.

with love


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