Illegal Tooth Whitening

Finally,  the British legal system has decided that it is illegal for anyone who is not a dental professional to perform tooth-whitening procedures.

This week a private company in the UK has been fined £3500 for carrying out tooth whitening.  Dentists all over Europe have been concerned about a loophole in the laws which basically allowed ANYONE to put potentially dangerous chemicals in people’s mouths, chemicals which can cause irreparable damage to teeth.

So, if you see a beauty salon offering tooth whitening, know that they are breaking a law which has been enforced to protect the general public.  Good result.

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1 Response to Illegal Tooth Whitening

  1. Karen B says:

    The British Dental Association also agree that this is a good verdict for patient safety.–tooth-whitening-prosecution-success-good-for-patients-says-bda.aspx

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