Do you really know what your industry is?

Up until 3 weeks ago if someone had asked me what I did, my response was that I organised post-graduate education for medical and dental professionals.  I considered myself an “insider” because I was a dental care professional by background and training.  In my mind, my industry was “healthcare professional” who organised courses.  FATAL ERROR.   Using this assumption has cost me huge amounts of time/money and quite a few tears of frustration as I couldn’t find the answers I needed.

I am an EVENT ORGANISER with a background in dentistry.

Using this new title has removed blockages that seemed inconquerable. It enabled me to find the solutions that I needed and the people that I needed.  My website will be changed and soon it will do exactly what I needed it to do at a fraction of the cost of the original site.  I’ll have a compact website which will link up to an online registration service.  Just like the real event organisers.  I’ve learned a lot over the last few weeks and I want to thank those who have helped me:

Mike Druttman article was prompted in part by my experience and is full of excellent advice.

Ronald Smith

Patricia Pardy  Event organiser extraordinaire!

with love


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